With new technologies come great opportunities

New technologies have changed many aspects of the way any business operates today and this change occurred very fast. In today's world, in an ever-evolving commercial and social landscape, Businesses need to anticipate technological change and adapt to it in a very short time. This applies to all areas.

Digitalization increasingly impacts all aspects of our lives and industries. We are seeing the rapid adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, as well as an increasing dependency on software, hardware and cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security

There is a misconception that storing data and handling processes in the Cloud guarantees security. In reality, misconfigured cloud instances resulted in more than half of data breaches in 2020. This trend will inevitably continue well into 2021. (

Mobile Threads

Your smartphone is the next frontier in cybercrime. Techniques to infect mobile devices through apps are becoming more common. These fake and malicious apps are designed to steal data on your smartphone and even swipe any stored passwords on these devices. (

  • Turn data into information and information into insight.

    Carly Fiorina
  • Don’t just measure. Back it up and break it down.

    Lloyd Tabb


Cloudeonic is hosted by Michael Wolff, who has been navigating the ever-changing online media landscape for many years and his role as a creative professional carried him through many different markets of the world while gaining substantial techncial and business insights.

Michael is CompTIA Security+ certified and he recently graduated from the Udacity Security Analyst and AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree program. Now specialising in Cloud Security, Security Analysis, Risk Assessment and Risk Management, which includes the following services:

  • monitor network traffic, analyze alert and log data, and follow incident handling procedures,
  • identify, correct and respond to security weaknesses and incidents
  • determine appropriate security controls to secure a network, system or application and
  • assess security threats through vulnerability scanning and threat assessments.

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