19th June 2016 Mike

Bringing Augmented Reality to Real Eyeglasses

If reality isn’t cutting it for you, just hold on; engineers are working on augmenting it. At least, they hope to show you more than what would normally be before your eyes, by adding systems to ordinary eyeglasses that would display images and data to enhance your experience.

“I believe in full augmentation,” says Ulrich Simon, vice president of corporate research and technology at Carl Zeiss, in Jena, Germany. An example of full augmentation, he says, might be a surgeon who looks at a patient he’s about to operate on, and sees the MRI image of the patient overlaid on her body.

Simon spoke to a group of journalists during a March press tour of eastern German research institutions sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service, a publicly funded organization promoting higher education in Germany.

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(Source: IEEE Spectrum)

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