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What HoloLens means for the future of augmented reality

In January 2015, Microsoft revealed HoloLens, an augmented reality headset aimed at blending the physical and digital worlds. The headset would have its own graphics processing unit, allowing the user to move freely instead of being tethered, and the demo video showed various uses from watching Netflix as if projected on a wall, to working on 3D product designs.

At events since, Microsoft’s shown off live demos, like one where the user can play with the popular game Minecraft, and released a few important details, like a $3,000 price tag for the developer kit, as well as partnerships with companies like Lowe’s.

So far, it’s a limited number of people who have access to HoloLens, and as a result of that, as well as demos that have gone well in the public eye, one of the words most commonly associated with HoloLens (and augmented reality) is potential.

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(Source: TechRepublic)

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